Jacked Up

Hello My Precious Readers,

Great Gravy! My 2014 has started with a bang! Pow! Boom! I hope that your year is off to a great start and you are making everyday a fabulous one. I’m going to start with the most recent medical update and kinda work backwards, so bear with me. This will be a rather long post to boot…

I met with my surgeon in Austin this morning to discuss the procedure of inserting a port-a-cath into my chest which will allow antibiotics to be administered directly into my bloodstream. The surgery should go smoothly and he assured me that it is very routine for him. The port is the same one that is used for chemotherapy. I hope you are not familiar with those, but I’m afraid most of you have seen one at some point. We have scheduled surgery for Tuesday 1/14/14. Has a ring to it, huh? Recovery will consist of laying low for a few days to regain my strength, rest, and avoid infections.

As I left the doctor’s office, my phone rang. A woman by the name of Chevron was a patient care coordinator for home health services. She detailed the specifics of coverage, which didn’t surprise me, but…one part of our conversation infuriated me. I am not one to get mad, hardly ever, but I was seeing red. She informed me that insurance companies won’t cover more than 28 days of IV antibiotics because the treatment is considered “investigational.” Hey…I have an idea…why don’t the insurance and pharmaceutical companies “investigate” how many people have died from Lyme Disease without proper antibiotic treatment. Cool, thanks!?! The insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) are in bed together. They are having a scandalous affair and refuse to lie in that proverbial bed they have collectively made, but are strategically and intentionally lying their butts off. Not only are they capitalizing on Lyme Disease, they put patients like me at the mercy of the flawed and disgraceful system.
See for yourself…bee prepared. You will bee astonished.


Chevron informed me that after 28 days of medications, I will have to pay out-of-pocket for the antibiotics. It will cost $43/per day of treatment. Treatment is expected to last between 4-12 months and I am scheduled to have 2 treatments/day, 4 days/week. Calculator, please! Man alive (barely)! I received the coverage forms via email and signed and faxed them back to the office today. Naturally, I had to include my credit card number to be automatically charged when coverage ceases…in a month. That’s Jacked Up!

But…still…as you very well know by now…I’m so excited! I’ve been dreaming of wellness my entire life. Now, I’m on the rocky road to Wellville! Who’s coming with me? πŸ™‚

I suspect that the days that are ahead of me will present numerous challenges. I fear that I won’t be able to blog due to pain or brain fog/malfunction, so I anticipate uploading videos for awhile. Some are on You Tube, but I will load them here also.

You all know that I stay true and genuine to my mission. The mission to deliver real, in your face, eye opening information. If I have to use my story to protect and inform others…I will…I am…doing just that. Some of the videos that I’ve recorded may sadden you. These are some of the highs and lows since July 2013. Please don’t view them as discouraging, please do not ever pity me or feel sorry for me, I beg of you. Just send up prayers when I come to mind. The progression of videos convey how far prayer has brought me thus far.

This video was made in July 2013. The weight of my World was waaaaaay too much to for me to carry on this particular day. I could no longer eat, sleep, think, or function. I was Jacked Up!

This video depicts how hard it became to speak and find the right words.