Loving a Lymie

Hello Friends!

Soon, I will compose a longer post about my latest medical voyage with my dear friends Kelly and Ryan, but I did want to give you a quick update…

It seems that the last 6 months of treatment have been ineffective. Partially due to the MTHFR gene mutation, but my doc suspects that in my case, the Bb bacteria, aka Lyme bacteria, are encased in a biofilm that holds “clumps” of bacteria together. This biofilm has to be dissolved before the antibiotics can reach the actual bacteria and kill it.

Not all Lyme patients have biofilm and many respond to treatment right away. Of course, Ms. Kimpossible has the biofilm–sheesh…why wouldn’t she?? 🙂

So, I meet with a surgeon on Friday to consult about having a port-a-cath implanted in my chest. I suppose in the next few weeks, I will be beginning IV, infusion therapy, whereas antibiotics are injected into this port, go through my heart and directly to my bloodstream.

I will do my best to keep you all abreast of my medical status, but please don’t worry. You know that I’ll be fine…just another stepping stone that lies before me. I’m ready to take my treatment to the next level. As scary as it sounds, I know it is medically necessary for my recovery.

Thank you for being here.
I need you and your prayers more than ever.

Love always,

P.S. I stole this from a website, but it does offer suggestions as to how you can help a Lymie, like me:)